March Came Marching In

Hello, from a new month!  My March came marching in; I have a feeling that this is going to be a good month.  But even if the rest of the March sucks, I’ve been more productive just today than I was all of February!

After my morning post, I headed to school for Statistics.  We have our first test next week; I’ve had a firm grasp on all of the material so far but I can’t help but be a little nervous.  Next  I picked up my carpool buddies and we drove to the hospital for clinic.  Funny sidenote – we couldn’t find street parking and the one spot we saw that was too short but would have been fine if the front car had pulled up a bit more … was behind the husband’s car!  I could have moved the offending vehicle but I don’t have the key to Adam’s car on my key chain!

I ate a Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar at the hospital.

I know I say it every time, but I still can’t get over home much this bar tastes like a samoa.  Speaking of which, there’s a samoa recipe I dreamed up during Vegan Month that I can’t wait to share with y’all!  I seriously rub my hands together like an evil villan every time I think about it.

Clinic went well, I had my first patient at the new hospital today.  He was being discharged as I went up to the floor so I didn’t get to do much, but I got to look through the chart and ask a few questions.  This hospital doesn’t have a screening/assessment form like the last one so I created my own and our instructor liked it so much she told me to make copies for everyone.  We don’t get to do a whole lot yet so getting praise for even the littlest things is still exciting.  And even more exciting was getting out early, woot.

I planned on working out after night class but I knew that would be a major drag so I took advantage of the extra time and hurried to the gym before class.  The CT10k workout for today called for 10 intervals of 2:30 walking/2:30 running (25 minutes total each), but I didn’t have quit enough time so I had to reconfigure.  I ended up doing 8 intervals of 3 minutes walking/5 minutes running (15 minutes walking and 25 minutes running total).  3.5 miles and 40 minutes.  First workout in two weeks?  Done!

Night class went well because we got out of that early too!  Found time is the best time.  We finished so quickly that I even got to eat my packed dinner at home.

In the repurposed jar is 1 serving of leftover Tempeh Brown Rice Casserole.

I pulled dessert from the freezer too; I finally got to try my Jordan Almond Cookies!

They were great, I wish I’d saved more for myself.

With my found time, I finally finished my notecards for tomorrow’s exam.  Better late than never?  I probably should go review those, huh?

How many cars does your family have?  If you are a multi-vehicle family, do you carry a set of your significant other’s keys with you?

3 thoughts on “March Came Marching In

  1. Currently we are a ZERO car household, but when we move back to the U.S. later this year, I’m really hoping we can make it as a ONE car household. After being carless for almost 3 years, not spending $$ on gas or insurance, etc. I am not too excited at the prospect of paying for two cars and their expenses. Plus, I’ve grown to really enjoy walking and biking when the weather cooperates.

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