Take Me Out To The Crowd

We were lateto bed last night and now I’m late to blog.  An 8:00pm grocery trip required a stop at Starbucks for soy frappuccinos.

Starbucks only caries vanilla soy milk which is annoying at times, but did make drink taste like it was fancy and vanilla flavored.

I did eat dinner last night, but I didn’t blog because I was deep in Firefly Lane for tonight’s book club.  I had a great salad to start.

Romaine lettuce topped with ~ 2 Tbsp each buckwheat groats, peanuts, raisins, and Wegman’s Thai Peanut Sauce.

The Wegman’s peanut sauce was great.

Not quite as good as mine, but nicely flavored and with only 25 calories per Tbsp.

And the husband helped me out and roasted up plate of vegetables too.

Half a sweet potato and a bunch of okra, both dipped in ketchup.

And the book?

Finished.  Start to finish in one evening, all 479 pages of it.

I think I made a mistake reading The Help in one sitting because now my friends don’t get the book club books to me more than a day or two ahead of time!  But Firefly Lane was a story I’d want to read straight through anyway.

We had a late start this morning and basically slept through breakfast.  I did have this handful of pretzels when I got up though.

And we went straight-up fancy for lunch.  Roasted asparagus,

and three pieces of Ballpark Tofu.

Another recipe page that needed updating.  Check it out if you like tofu, mustard, pretzels, or any combination of the above.

I also made a pie.

But you’ll have to wait until after book club for the recipe.  I know I could have typed it up this afternoon, but when there’s a new Ryan Reynolds movie in town you get your butt to the theatre.  Particularly when Denzel Washington is going to be staring too.

“Safehouse” was not great, but definitely good.  And let’s be honest, I’d watch practically anything if it meant splitting Five Guys fries with Adam as a movie snack.

Definitely good.

Have you read Firefly Lane?  Did you see “Safehouse” yet?  Thoughts?

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