The Whole Dang Day

It looks like this might be a cranky week!  I’ve just got to roll with it.

Last night’s popcorn turned into fries when I had to leave the house for the cell phone I forgot in the car.

Waffle fries do not make me cranky.

What does make me cranky, is the fact that the shoes I wore to the hospital on Tuesday shredded my feet and left me with big painful spots by each heel.  When I went to put on my sneakers this morning I cried out in pain, so clearly a run was not going to work.  Not only did I have to skip a much-needed workout, but I still had to drive to school at 8am so I could park.  Ugh!

I parked my car for easy access to driving to the hospital this afternoon and headed to the library to do some printing.  (I have some complaints about that too but I’ll keep them to myself!)  Then I stopped by the bookstore for a tall, soy chai latte for the walk home.

Funky mood or not, I have to admit that vanilla soy milk definitely adds a little something extra to a chai latte.  And the warmth in my belly helped me through the cold walk home.

I ate this Crispin apple while I cooked,

but that was the end of the “breakfast foods.”  Instead breakfast looked like this –

I chopped up half a large eggplant and sautéed it in a little evoo and chipotle oil, then poured in some water and covered it to steam.  Then I added in a big handful of chopped okra and ~ 1/2 cup of marinara sauce.

While a bit strange at 9am, the eggplant, okra, marinara skillet is one of my very favorite meals!

This afternoon I have statistics, then clinic, then my night class.  Since it’s a cranky day week, I think I’ll be best served by leaving class at 8pm and hopping straight into a shower and bed.  So I’m sharing my dinner now!

A baggie of grapes.

And a serving of last night’s stir fry.

Topped with dry roasted peanuts because we ran out of cashews.

Should be good.

If anything else sneaks into my mouth I’ll update tomorrow.  See you then!

What do you do to help yourself get over it when you’re having a cranky day week?

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