Mug Shots

It was another day without a workout, but I was very productive on the seated tasks front.  Plus, I snuck in a walk and a few planks, which is always better than nothing.

For breakfast I tried one of the new Chobani flavors.

0% Apple Cinnamon did not disappoint.  Now I’ve just got to locate the passionfruit flavor.

Lunch was a rerun of last night’s dinner.

A bowl of chili topped with a sprinkle of parmesan,

and a side of homemade olive oil crackers.

Just as good in leftover form.

I woke up late (I’ve got to get a handle on that before school starts in 11 days!) and spent several hours working on Window Shopping Wednesday posts.  Those suckers do not just write themselves; I can’t even imagine how time-consuming it would be to write a blog with actual content!

Around 2:00, I hopped into a much-needed shower and then headed off to the post office on foot.  Who is that girl with the long, blonde hair?

Goodbye, old passport photo.

I finished my journey back to the apartment just in time to catch the husband coming home for a 2 hour break. We hopped in the car and ran a few errands. During our travels we split a grape cola slushie.

Slushies make me ridiculously happy. You can’t get them where I grew up and on our college trip my junior year of high school I must have bought at least one a day.

I’ve spent my evening during school work and I’ve got a magazine project lined up for when I’m done.  I had to update my clinic book and professional portfolio and write several professional goals.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but I understand why I’ve been putting it off.

Dinner was a vegetable fest.

Veggies roasted with cooking spray and salt, dipped in tons of ketchup.

I had a small pile of okra,

and a huge pile of green beans.

Both were delicious.  As I get more and more comfortable in the kitchen, roasted veggies are still the most comforting thing I know how to make.

A vegetable fest (note, fest not feast) is on the lighter side for an evening meal, but I knew that dessert was in my future.

Coffee cake in a mug!

This recipe is a 2 minute masterpiece.

Have you tasted any of the new Chobani flavors yet?  What is your number 1 favorite variety of Greek yogurt?

11 thoughts on “Mug Shots

  1. I tried roasted green beans for the first time last week because they always looks so good on your blog! I LOVED them, and I made them for Hubs a few days later and he was loving them too. I really want to roast some okra, but Hubs hates the slime factor of okra…do they stay slimy after roasting?

    • Yay; I’m so glad that you guys liked them!!!!

      There is still some slime but roasting decreases the slime factor significantly. I recommend 25 minutes at 450*.

  2. i tried the passion fruit + got it from target! it was really good, except the seeds were in the fruit on the bottom mixture too…and they tasted kinnda bitter…but overall it was delicious!

  3. You have such a good (old) passport photo!! They made me pull my hair back and NOT smile in mine. I look atrocious.

    Those roasted green beans look so good – I need to make some.

    • I don’t photograph very well (and I’m not all that pretty in the first place!) but somehow my id pictures are always amazing. My new passport photo seems like it’s another good one and my liscence makes me look like a freaking model.

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