Taking My Notecards to Bed

It’s almost Friday!  Actually, I’m a bit less excited about that than usual, because Friday brings a Nutrition test I’m not quite prepared for.  I’m going to do a quick post, an even quicker shower, and then take my notecards to bed.

I wasn’t hungry for breakfast before lab, but I ate brunch when we got out at 10:30.  This Liberte Peach and Passionfruit yogurt was on sale at Wegmans so I thought I’d give it a try.

I ended up really enjoying it.  The texture was much closer to thick Greek yogurt than traditional yogurt and the tangy/sweet balance was perfect.  I generally choose lower fat yogurts but I do think the higher fat content helped with satiety in this smallish lunch.  If I can find this on sale again I’ll definitely snatch it up.

I also packed some baby carrots.

I think crunchy equals brain food for me because as I munched through these carrots I got a ton of work done.  When I headed to food lab at 1:40 I was able to hand in all of my lab assignments for the remainder of the semester!

Food lab was a lot of fun today too.  It was the Meat/Fish/Poultry lab so I was feeling a little anxious about having to cook pork or red meat but luckily my group was assigned fish and fowl only.  We made pan cooked salmon with fresh tomatoes and Laab (a spicy Thai chicken salad).

Also on the plate are curried chicken and lemon chicken.  Everything was delicious and I even ended up bringing our leftovers home to Adam.

I sipped a coffee (medium, non-fat latte with 1 pump of sugar-free English toffee syrup) throughout lab as well.

It kept me warm, but I think it also gave me a caffeine headache later in the afternoon.  I love the experience of coffee but sometimes it makes me feel so icky!  My headache definitely influenced my choice of afternoon snack.

Dinner ended up being pretty pathetic.  We had something exciting planned but I didn’t realize that it involved 45minutes in the oven until it was already after 8pm.  If I’d planned ahead I could have done my reading after I cooked but the way it worked out it was just too late.  Instead I ate 2 turkey corn dogs (dipped in fresh honey mustard).

My random eats worked well for my productivity, but I think I need to house some fruits and veggies this weekend!  😉

I’ve got my alarm set early for tomorrow; I can register online for Spring classes at 6am.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get what I need!

Do you ever cook with fish sauce?  My lab mates were weirded out (it’s a Laab ingredient), but it’s a staple in my fridge.

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