This Post Was Technically Born in ’09

Yikes, I can’t believe this morning started 18hours ago!  Registration went ok, I got into all fo the classes that I had to have.  Right now I’m registered for 19 credits (2 classes more than the normal load), but I’ll probably drop a class once I get things figured out.

It was supposed to snow today (still hasn’t yet, knock on wood!) and I was wearing my Mary Poppins outfit so I had the husband drive me to school this morning.

That kind of cute is so worth it!

I got breakfast from the food court while I studied for my test, a toasted everything bagel with honey walnut cream cheese.

Love that savory/sweet combo!

The test went well, not a 100% but I’ll be surprised if I don’t have an A.  Afterwards I had to meet up with my group to work on the poster for our presentation.  When Orgo rolled around at 1:00 we still weren’t done, ugh.  I snacked on this amazing combo from home while we worked.

1 serving of dried hibiscus and 2 servings of Sahale Snacks Sing Buri Cashews.

Not gonna lie, my afternoon snack was much much less impressive…

The dip was disgusting and got tossed, but I demolished the bag of chips 😉  This was supposed to be my bribe to study in the evening, but then a whole UPS debacle happened and this ended up being just a really unhealthy snack!

Dinner was one of those fabulous ‘I told you blog reading isn’t a waste of time, husband’ gems.

I’ve been reading Kath’s blog since 2008(!!) and I actually bookmarked this recipe way back in February of 2009!  Tofu Quiche.  You won’t believe it but my version was actually less cheesy than the original –

For the most part I followed Kath’s lead, but we did make a few minor changes,

  • increased to a pint of mushrooms
  • increased to 4 (packed) cups of baby spinach
  • cut back to 2cups of (2% Sharp Cheddar) cheese
  • subbed in 1/8 tsp each nutmeg and garlic powder for oregano
  • pulsed several times to chop up the veggies rather than leaving them whole
  • skipped the crust entirely

Our version was delicious!

We hurried and cut before it set, but the flavors were spot on.

The extra cheese wasn’t missed and I actually wished we had added more veggies.  Adam was totally in love with this too.

After a very long, very fruitless drive to UPS we came home and caught up on tv.  …..after a trip the Wegman’s candy bulk bins.

Jumbo malted milk balls?  Yes please!

Do you try out recipes from food blogs?  Any major successes?  (Or failures!?)

5 thoughts on “This Post Was Technically Born in ’09

  1. I have tried some recipes from blogs, and I have book marked so many more. There are some great ideas out there. Today I made this dessert thing I got from Bess Be Fit. You use 1 tbs dark chocolate dream pb, 1/2 tbs toffee bits, 1/2 tbs chocolate chips. Put it on a sandwich thin, and put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Sooo good!

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