Dinner with Outstanding in the Field

Tonight was amazing!  I am so sorry for another lame post, I truely truely am.  I get so excited about food but I have so much to say that it is too much and I’m exhausted.

Dinner was put on by Outstanding in the Field (a very locavore, farm to table, excited about sustainability organization) and was held at Greenleaf Warehouses.  The setting was legit a warehouse, I love industrial/fashionable settings.




You can just go ahead and multiply this glass of vino by 3.


And I had 1 shrimp crisp,


and a whipped tuna cracker.


Dinner was family style, so we got to serve ourselves.  First was a pickled veggie plate Ahi tonnato on pain de mie with gochukaura and parsley.


I loved how spicy everything was.


Next was soup Mushroom dashi, maitake, shimeji, enoki mushrooms.


It was very similar to a miso but the mushrooms had an insanely lemon taste.  This was the only thing I didn’t love.

Then they brought out udon noodles with fresh calamari Udon, grilled Monterey calamari in a browned butter ponzu reduction, cucumber, kaiware, frisee & yellow pear tomato with chojang & sesame vinaigrette.


I was very nervous about it but Jenna convinced me to try a taste.


So glad I did!  I actually really liked the calamari but the soba noodles were the best, very doughy and raw.  Plus the dish had a good spice kick.

Then came salmon and mushroom risotto Salmon baked with dashikombu, fried garlic and Japanesse curry powder / Mushroom risotto with koshihikari rice, crispy maitake mushrooms.



I don’t know why I took such a tiny serving, but it was delicious.  I love love loved the curry powder.


There was oxtail, but I obviously ignored it, and then came out a platter of brussels sprouts Roasted brussels sprouts, ponzu fried garlic, guanciale, bonito flakes.  Jenna told me there was short rib in them, so I resisted.  But brussels sprouts are in my top five all time food favorites, so I finally said f’ it and ate one.  Delish.  Then the waitress came by, and said “vegetarian.”  So I loaded up a plate.


So.Fricking.Fantastic.  They tasted like McDonald’s fries, which sounds awful but was just amazing.  However, apparently, so not vegetarian.  They definitly had pork in them.  Which makes me quite sad 😦 

Finally, dessert.  Ah dessert Koshihikari rice pudding, cookie crumble, and warren pear.


I love rice pudding, but  the pear, oh the pear!  I had a bite of pear at the farmer’s market this morning and I’ve been telling people all day that it was seriously the best thing I’ve eaten out here.  The dessert was from the same farm!!!  I was in heaven.

Before we headed out they did Foodbuzz awards which was a lot of fun.  I definitly congratualate some very deserving winners!

A bus ride later, Camile and I walked the mile back to our hotel for the last time.  On the way home I just might have seen a 7-11 and shrieked at the top of my lungs.  Bosenberry and cola, oh yeah.


Even more exciting?  Getting in bed now!  Tomorrow morning there is a goodbye breakfast and then I fly all day long and get back home at midnight!  I have a big test on Monday so I’m not sure what the posting situation will be.  I hope everyone else’s weekend ends well!!

Challenge Balance – $31.71

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