Last Week’s Top Five

Last week was extra-stressful at work so I don’t have much to share on the food front, I ate a Starbucks sandwich for dinner two nights in a row!  And I relied on hummus and fries for lunch because I didn’t pack a single yogurt bowl.  Adam and I have fun plans this weekend and hopefully the downtime will help gear me up to get my act together next week.

Here were the culinary high points…

{1} Pumpkin sausage pizza.


TJ’s crust / pumpkin puree with ginger / mozzarella / sliced TJ’s turkey summer sausage / fresh sage.

{2} Pumpkin spice gum from Project 7.


I bought it because I’m a crazy person, but didn’t actually expect it to be good.  It’s delicious (confirmed by Adam and a coworker).

{3} Fall flavored Ralph’s cream ice.


Caramel apple and pumpkin pie!

{4} A friend and I met for dinner at Luke’s and had lobster grilled cheeses.


Good, but my drink was better – Downeast pumpkin cider.

{5} Cheesy veggie eggs.


Scrambled with turkey sausage, chopped spinach, sautéed mushrooms and green onion, and mozzarella cheese.

3 thoughts on “Last Week’s Top Five

  1. Tail Up Goat is listed in Food and Wine magazine as one of the top new D.C. restaurants !
    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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