Love Factually


Dark chocolate and I have been having a moment lately.


Whenever I rock one of Adam’s t-shirts I always double up on eye makeup to try to compensate.


Kim and I spent five straight hours at Panera on Friday and I still am utterly confused by our final projects for this portion of the semester.


Adam and I were supposed to go to Toronto for pat bing soo this afternoon but the weather froze us out so we went to Gin Gin for red bean bubble tea instead.



The new grocery store in Orchard Park is amazing; Wegmans and Whole Foods wrapped up all in one.


This is the closest I’ll come to an egg cream while we live in Buffalo.


Classed up mac and cheese is super easy and tasty {boxed mac and cheese / peas / smoked kippered herring / capers / parmesan / panko / red pepper flakes}.


Watching “Buffy” with Adam is even better the 2nd time around.

One thought on “Love Factually

  1. I’ve had the vanilla egg cream flavor and it’s delicious. They sell them at Pike Place with a whole bunch of other vintage sodas!

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