Double Sushi Day

Hello from yesterday!  I had a good evening (mostly) but didn’t get a chance to post until today.  My clinic hours went well; it is always great to get a chance to talk with professionals in my field.  The RD I was with yesterday owns her own private practice and she had lots of great advice.  She also helped talk me down a bit about next summer’s certification exam.

As I headed out the door around 4 pm yesterday I was so hungry I thought I might have a fit.  I knew we had plans to grab an early dinner before the health fair but I also knew that I might drive off the road if I didn’t get something to eat.  I ended up taking a Mint Chocolate Chip Luna Protein bar from the cabinet.

Yuck City!  This is the 2nd flavor I’ve tried from that line and both bars had an awful “fake protein” taste to them.  I love Luna but I think I’ll stick to their normal line.  I was so hungry that I did eat the whole thing though.

I was glad that I choked down the bar because dinner ended up being pretty lame.  We stopped at Wegmans for hot bar but there wasn’t much time and I panicked and grabbed my 2nd serving of sushi for the day.  A Thai sweet potato roll with brown rice.

With a (half decaf) coffee with skim milk and two sugars.

While we were at the health fair another RD who was doing a cooking demo brought me over a small plate of her black bean dip.

It was good and our table was nicely situated to watch her work.  She does the cooking classes at Tops Grocery, a job I would love to have some day.

The health fair wrapped at 9pm and as I was driving home I felt like I was going to burst out of the seatbelt because my stomach was so full.  I had to drive home to pick up Adam and then we ran to the store for a quick errand (he accidentally took my cottage cheese container for lunch instead of his leftovers!) and by the time we were home for good I was practically in tears.  I don’t know whether it was the protein bar, the decaf coffee, or the double dose of sushi rice but my stomach was super bloated and painful.  Ugh!  I felt so sick that I brushed my teeth and then jumped straight into bed.

Thankfully today I’m feeling good.  I even started my morning with a run.  1.2 miles in ~12 minutes.  I left my keys with the husband so I only had time for one loop but then I went back and grabbed the dog for a quick walk.  Followed by a short session of strength and stretch moves.  I’m hungry!

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