Blog Tips and Bagels

We stayed up pretty late last night but thankfully having to move our cars got us up and out of the house for an early walk.

I’m still loving this weather.  Walking weather it is.  Sidenote – a major character died on Stargate: Atlantis last night (the show is off the air, we are watching on Netflix Instant Watch) and I gasped so loudly I’m pretty sure the neighbors heard!

After a post-walk shower (it is sweating weather too!) I hit the caffeine hard.

2 cups of cold coffee with English toffee syrup and Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.  I had a date with a friend so I drank my coffee en route and I helped myself to one of her homemade “energy balls” when I got there.

The balls were a Pinterested recipe with oats, pb, and coconut and they were quite tasty.

Kim invited me over to pick my brains about all things blog.  It’s weird to give advice when Eating Chalk is so tiny and unknown but there are little tips that I think I’ve got figured out.  I taught her about tagging, pages versus posts, and emailing responses to comments, among other things.  I hope I was helpful!

I needed to pick up a few groceries before my mom gets here on Friday and Kim lives one town over from me so I took the opportunity to hit up a different Wegman’s.  There was a Manhattan Bagel along the way and I stopped there too.

I’ve been craving a bagel (a good bagel!) like crazy lately and I’m glad I gave MB a chance.  My jalapeño-cheddar bagel with light garden cream cheese hit the spot.

It was super chewy and spicy.

I cooled down my mouth with a Blackberry Hibiscus Mama Chia once I reached the mecca.

The drink had more texture than flavor, but was very tasty.  My out-and-about food purchase quota for the week has been reached but it was worth it.  Besides, March Back Home March is basically ending once my mom gets here; I’m not turning down “free” food!  🙂

I hit the jackpot with the “new” Wegmans too.  I found all sorts of fun new products to try.  Like these Bissli BBQ and Smokey snacks.

They were super crunchy.  Adam and I split them but I scarfed more than my fair share.

I also ate most of these adorable things.

They were little biscuit cookies with white and milk chocolate.  So tasty!

I spent twenty minutes this afternoon agonizing over whether or not to run (sorry, husband!) but I’m having some foot problems so I decided not to.  After more than a week off (whoops!) what’s another few days when I’m having pain?  I’m not even going to attempt a workout until Sunday, but thankfully we’ll be in Ohio for the weekend and I should be able to run on the neat path near my grandparents’ house.

Not running didn’t mean I was any less hungry though.  I ate a Wegman’s low-fat coffee yogurt with honey roasted peanuts before dinner.

The peanuts were out because I was making the husband some homemade vanilla honey peanut butter.

I took a few licks too, yum!

Dinner was quick and easy.

We need some (turkey) bacon for a recipe tomorrow so I cooked up a batch tonight,

and we scrambled eggs in the same pan when the bacon was done.

Plus roasted asparagus.

It was a very savory meal.

Let’s end with a puppy picture, shall we?

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