The Very Hungry Blogger

Do I look like a pre-school teacher?

Actually I was a bit too dressy; all of the real teachers were in jeans!  My friend Kim and I did a nutrition education activity with 17 pre-k kids today.  We talked about fruits and vegetables, read Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and then had the kids draw their favorite fruits and veggies to feed to the hungry caterpillar.

It was a lot of fun.  The experience equally excited me for my future in Dietetics and made me long for my past in the classroom.

I was definitely “on” in the classroom but I’m not working with a lot of sleep.  As I was getting into bed last night I calculated and realized that working out this morning would leave me with 2.5 hours to sleep.  Obviously I grudgingly reset my alarm.  No workout was worth the additional 2 hours of shut-eye I logged, but this does mean I can’t get in my three for the week.  One of the good things about logging workouts on a calendar per my NYE resolution is that I can see trends.  Like I’ve identified the problem that I never workout.  Or less obviously, I realize that I put off workouts at the beginning of the week and leave myself to scramble and/or miss them at the end.

I didn’t have time for breakfast either, but I did eat breakfast-y food when I was finished with preschool, Statistics, and clinic.

When I was at work on Wednesday Adam made a version of my Healthier Spinach Ricotta Pie with spinach and chopped broccoli.  He put the extra into cupcake tins.  I brought three egg cups for lunch today.

Plus a pear.

And my friend Janessa shared a few dark chocolate almonds with me during night class.

But I was more than ready for a big dinner when I got home.  We have spring break next week (yay!) and I need to use the free time to get back into the breakfast habit.

Dinner was a big pile of roasted green beans,

and an amazing sandwich.

I piled 2 oz of Applegate Farm’s Honey and Maple Turkey Breast, 2 oz of Cabot’s 50% Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese, and a sort of disgusting amount of sweet pickle slices on a Wegman’s Sandwich Thin and then wrapped the whole thing in foil and stuck it in the oven to get melty.

Dee-lish-us!  Cheese and pickles is the new cheese and jam.  I generally use full-fat cheese (other than what we buy shredded) but going 50% reduced here lets me use enough that the cheese is a major sandwich component.  And the Cabot is pretty spot on with texture and flavor.

I also had popcorn with butter as an evening snack since the husband made himself a big bowl and couldn’t finish it all.  Amateur.

3 thoughts on “The Very Hungry Blogger

  1. Love egg muffins. So hot right now (and so portable!)

    Also, I thought this post would be entirely full of pictures with bites taken out of them a la VHC…. maybe I’ll have to use that inspiration for a post of my own!

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