Husband Sightings

We did not go to the gym yesterday.  It’s possible that when I said “no buts,” I had forgotten that the husband recently stepped on a nail.  When he got home I noticed the little detail that he’s still limping.  I’m a jerk.

Gym or not, today my body wanted carbs.  Time of the month and all that (ew).  The following foods were eaten today, at random intervals approximating breakfast lunch and dinner.  An onion bagel with Smart Balance Light.

Roasted peanuts.

A bowl of cereal with Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk.

An apple on the walk to school.

An unphotographed clementine that my professor gave us at clinic.  We started a new rotation today and I’m actually at the same hospital as the husband for the next three weeks.  We passed each other in the halls twice; swoon.  Plus we had the same patient and when I saw his handwriting in the chart I about died!


Vegan fudge from the co-op.

A pile of roasted green beans.

And a big bowl of popcorn with Earth Balance.

Have you ever worked at the same place as your significant other?

6 thoughts on “Husband Sightings

  1. As you know, I met your dad on the job (I was in a lower level room, and I could just see feet walking outside my window; I recognized Daddy’s feet and would be so excited when I saw him coming!) But even now, when he’s subbing here, I do love it. If you were here too, life would be complete! I could get you a job…
    P.S. Nikki cracks me up.

    • That is so sweet. We should have convinced Adam to stick with teaching, then we could all work together! I think I’d rather be rich though 🙂

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