Free Means It’s Extra Romantic

Did everyone have a good day of flowers and chocolate boxes shaped like hearts?  Let me just tell you, there is almost nothing I wouldn’t do right now for a box of chocolates!  We are exactly halfway through Vegan Month today and I foresee a big candy purchase come March 1st.

Clinical practice went well today, I think my red shirt must have made me seem extra confident.  I worked ahead on our assignments for the semester and when I finished screening my assigned patient our teacher actually threw an emergency screening my way.  It stinks to have to do an extra set of SOAP notes but I felt really good that she trusted me to take on something extra.

I had a free coupon so our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner was … Moe’s!

In addition to (way too many of those) chips, I got a veggie burrito.

Inside was a little bit of rice, pinto beans, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, corn salsa, pickled jalapeños, and lots of guacamole.

It ended up being maybe the best burrito I’ve ever had.  I was thrilled to take a closer look at the toppings menu and discover pickled jalapeños as an option.  I think my dream burrito would be mahi-mahi, cabbage, pineapple, pickled jalapeños, and some sort of cheese.

What would be in your dream burrito?

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