Resolutions Check In: January

Yoga did not happen, but it didn’t happen by choice.  When I got in bed last night (later than desired but still not all that late) I was so tired I thought I was going to pass out.  My last conscious act was switching my alarm to 8:30 am instead.  It was a good call; those three extra hours were a godsend and I woke up feeling well-rested.

Since a 9 am breakfast feels late now, and lunch doesn’t happen on Tuesdays anyway, for my first meal I had lunch.

This Stoffers Cheesy Chicken Brocoli and Rice Bake was pretty good.

A little too much cheese though.

New Year’s Resolutions Check In: January

A month has passed!  Let’s see how I’ve done on my goals.

1. Workout a minimum of three times per week.

Fail.  But I think this one will get easier now that I’ve got a school schedule to help guide my time.

2. Continue to read at least one book a month, for a minimum total of 30 books this year.

1. Death Du Jour – Kathy Reichs  (f)

2. Deadly Decisions  – Kathy Reichs  (f)

3. Fatal Voyage – Kathy Reichs  (f)

4. Grave Secrets – Kathy Reichs  (f)

5. Bare Bones – Kathy Reichs  (f)

6. Monday Mourning – Kathy Reichs  (f)

7. Cross Bones – Kathy Reichs  (f)

8. Break No Bones – Kathy Reichs  (f)

9. Bones to Ashes – Kath Reichs  (f)

Win.  9 books read this month for a total of 9 this year.  I doubt I’ll be able to spend this much time reading in the coming months, but it sure was fun.

3. Put the time and effort into my school work that I can be proud of each week.

Win.  As of today I’m up-to-date or ahead of the game on everything.

4. Continue working on being a positive person.

N/a.  I need to find more specific ways to benchmark this.  I think for February my goal is – every time I get so mad I want to yell at Adam, I have to do three push-ups first.  And then I can yell!

How are you doing on your NYE resolutions?

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