Long Dog In A Little Coat

Sorry I keep disappearing.  No one actually cares besides my mom, but she really cares! (Sorry, mom!)  My personal school semester seems to have ended two weeks ago, and since real school runs until December 15th it’s been sort of a problem.

But today was busy.  So busy in fact, that I woke up at 7:30 but didn’t have my first bites sips until after 10am.

A mug of White Christmas tea with 1/4 cup of eggnog.

The tea contained peppermint and ginger so all of my favorite holiday flavors were present in this mug.

My morning included dog walking, house decorating and grocery shopping.  Then I took a quick break for lunch.

This open-faced sandwich was stupendous.  I topped a thick slice of bread with cranberry relish, some shredded rotisserie chicken, and a few slices of melty sharp cheddar.

The tang from the cranberries paired really nicely with the cheddar.

Adam had to go to the mall to replace his eyeglasses (Webster) so I tagged along.  We also finished up the last of our Christmas shopping and cashed in a coupon at DQ.

I got a mini candy cane chill blizzard. There were little pieces of crunchy peppermint throughout and I loved it.

The flavor and texture actually reminded me of that great peppermint stick chocolate bar Adam and I ate last week.

We made a quick stop at home to pick up the little destructor and then we headed to Pet Smart.  Someone has been getting chilly on walks.

Oh. My. Goodness.  I don’t even have the words to describe how cute Webster looks in his new sweater (thanks, mom!).  Sidenote – every single time we go out on a walk someone/many people comment on how cute Webster is, so I always tell him that he’s “the toast of the town.”  Then today I got to ask how The Toast liked feeling toasty!

My evening included coffee cake cooking, more cleaning, and dinner.

We split a bag of Bird’s Eye garlic cauliflower,

and made a batch of Rachael Ray’s Beer-Braised Meatballs.

I subbed in turkey meat and chicken stock for the beefy bits, but otherwise followed the recipe.  We think this one’s a keeper.

And for dessert I tried a small slice of the coffee cake.

Pretty good.  I’m actually not the hugest coffee cake fan but I’m hosting book club tomorrow and I needed a brunch-appropriate cake (we read I Was Told There’d Be Cake).

Are you a pet dressed?  I’m not really into it (my mom tried to buy Webster a bandana of the month club and we staunchly put our feet down) but the dog seems kind of wimpy and I don’t want him to be unhappy on walks.

5 thoughts on “Long Dog In A Little Coat

  1. I miss your posts too but this is such a busy time of year anyway – no one has time to post, or read! And how lucky are we with this weather?? Yay for no horrible snowstorms.
    When our dog was a puppy, she chewed up my husband’s glasses (and my favorite pen, coffee cup, checkbook etc etc). Anyway, someone suggested pig’s ears and although I am horrified now at the thought, they worked. As long as she had those, she didn’t chew up anything else.

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