No Take-out ‘Tober

Bedtime was closer to midnight than my planned 9pm.  I suck.  But to be fair, it’s hard to motivate on the couch when you’re sitting next to this –

I’ve got a lot to do today (like all the stuff I didn’t do this weekend) so I made myself a heaping bowl of breakfast.

That’s 1/2 cup Wegman’s 0% Plain Greek Yogurt with 2 servings of GH Galaxy granola and some peach and red plum.

Lunch preview – Today I’ve packed a big Sweet Tango apple,

and a leftover serving of tofu quiche.

Both should be delicious.

Speaking of future foods; I have an announcement for this month…

No Take-out ‘Tober

For the sake of our waistlines and wallets, Adam and I are making October a take-out free month.

In the past year or so we’ve become way too reliant on buying food out and bringing it home.  Wegman’s hot bar, anyone?  It’s always expensive, and never healthy.  Of course there are times when eating pizza on the couch is amazing and necessary, but it shouldn’t be a weekly habit.  I really enjoy cooking at home and 90% of what I make is cheaper than what we would purchase out.  Obviously restaurant meals can be expensive and caloric too, but they come with atmosphere and experience.  We’ve decided it’s time to rein our take-out habit in.

For the month of October –

  • Wegman’s hot bar is off-limits.  Period.
  • No take-out of any kind may be purchased.
  • Restaurant meals are ok as long as they are eaten in the setting.
  • We don’t have to starve if there’s no food at home, but what we can go out and purchase is bread, turkey, and cheese; not pre-made Buffalo chicken sandwiches!

Does anyone want to join us for No Take-out ‘Tober?  Let me know in the comments if you (and your family) want to take part!

4 thoughts on “No Take-out ‘Tober

  1. SO joining you. We have spend WAY too much lately on Giant Eagle salad bar, subway, eatnpark take out – it really adds up and we have so much food in the house that we should use up.

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