Tasty Combos

My lunch today was made of a tasty combination.

I actually assembled this meal at the co-op hot bar last night, but then squirreled it away in the fridge when we opted to go out to dinner instead.

Kale salad and pea salad,

almond chicken salad and Waldorf chicken salad.

Tasty combos indeed.

That was the smaller box though so it wasn’t quite as much food as it looked.  I had two hummus cookies on the side.

I also ate this protein bar from my HLS swag bag.

Jillian blogged about hers and made me jealous. I thought it was pretty amazing too; very nice balance of sweet and salty!

While I was lunching Webster was also munching, on my cell phone, camera, magazine, and laptop cord to name a few things. 

It looks like my agenda for the rest of the day needs to include *taking a long dog walk, filling a prescription, making dinner, dealing with some emails, and *buying a new chew toy!

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