One-Pot Wonder

I am so sorry to rush through this post but the husband is working at the hospital tonight and I know if I want to get any work done at all I need to tear myself away from the computer immediately!

The morning was spent at an open house at Buffalo State.  None of the breakfast options really appealed to me but I did snag a big plate of fresh fruit.

When we got home the husband made himself a plate of green tuna enchilladas (and smushed it all up with his fork) which he then decided he didn’t want, so I ate them for my lunch.

This was the last of the leftovers and they will be missed, definitely a keeper recipe.

However, my mouth was on fire (our green salsa was a bit too spicy)!  I was so hot I finally pulled this box out of the freezer –

These ice pops traveled with us from Brooklyn to Buffalo unopened!  I tried the Dr. Pepper one today,

and I don’t know what I was waiting for; it was sweet and mouth-cooling all for 35calories.

While grocery shopping I tried a small bread + cheese sample,

and when we got home I opened up a Dannon Light and Fit Apple Pie Yogurt.

There was some major artificial sugar taste but the strong cinnamon and huge pieces of apple pretty much made up for it.  Plus anything with a SunButter spoon is good!

I also ate a small bowl of popcorn while we watched the 100th episode of Bones.

Anyone else a Bones addict?  What’d you think?????

Dinner was this recipe from “Rachael Ray Magazine” – Chicken Chutney One-Pot.

My changes; based on Adam’s tastes and our pantry –

  • we only used 1lb of skinless boneless chicken breast
  • 1T (vs. 2T) evoo
  • 1potato subbed in for the apple
  • skipped the ginger
  • skipped the cumin

I did serve the dish with some crusty bread though, smeared with roasted garlic.

I followed Ms. How Sweet’s garlic technique, she’s kind of a culinary genius.

And a side of roasted green beans.

Made for a very tasty dinner.

I will probably do a bit of snacking while I (hopefully) study this evening, I’ll update later if so.  Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Do you read any food magazines?  I’m subscribed to Cooking Light and Rachael Ray, but I love to pick up Bon Apetit too whenever I can.

*****Updated – Unless eating ice-cream on the couch counts as tedious, I didn’t get a lot of work done last night.  I’m sure I’ll find other means of distractrion, but I’m taking the computer out of the equation for today; see you again Monday!

6 thoughts on “One-Pot Wonder

  1. I used to LOVE freezer pops, and averaged about 5 a day when I worked at a swimming pool. I’ve never seen the pop kind! How fun.

    I get Rachel Ray, Everyday food, and my Bon Apetit subscription just ran out. 😦

  2. Totally agree on the artificial taste in that yogurt.

    Gotta scroll down and look over that enchilada recipe again! Sounds like something I’d love!!

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