In Need of a Green Beer

Happy Festivus!  No wait, that was yesterday’s post, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  If you don’t know what Festivus is your life has been empty and you should check out this wikipedia post.

My late night/early morning combo didn’t leave me feeling that chipper but I knew I had to get my green on –

my nails are rocking a shamrock hue as well –

And breakfast, consumed on the way to 8am lab, was a Green Monster.

We were out of bananas so this guy had 1cup frozen spinach, 1cup oj, and 1/2cup frozen peaches.

Lab went well, I am all done with my post-calculations which always makes me happy.

Adam picked me up from campus around noon so we could finally replenish our stores at the grocery.  It was a quick trip, nothing too exciting, because frankly I’m too busy to do much cooking until after my two exams are over.  We did get an exciting lunch though.

Random roasted veggies,

Chan Marsala and Tandori chicken,

and a piece of Nann for sauce scooping.

Now I’ve got some random business to take care off before I meet Caroline at the Spot for an evening study date.

Curious about my half marathon?

Check out my personalized results page, click here.

To my lucky NYC readers –

SELF Work-out in the Park is coming soon, Saturday, May 8th.  I had a great time last year and I’m super sad to not be able to go again.  If you are interested tickets are $20 in advance, available here.

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