Petite Treats Book Giveaway

Since the giveaway ties in with breakfast, I’m going to post this day in reverse!  Also I’m going to do it quickly, since I’m late picking up the husband.

Dinner – Veggie summer roll from Wegmans while we knocked next week’s grocery shopping out of the way early.

summer roll

Lunch – A tempeh sandwich with Sriracha Nayo and Strawberry Crofter’s on a Sandwich Thin.


A pear.


And more soft strawberry licorice.


Breakfast – A ridiculous coffee in the car on the longish drive to an off-site clinic.  Venti soy latte with (half pumps) cinnamon dolce syrup.


And delicious mini scones.


Actually, Blueberry Lavender Skookies.  <– squeeee!


The skookie recipe came from Petite Treats; Mini Versions of Your Favorite Baked Delights, a book I was sent to review.


Here is what the publishers said about it –

Good things come in small packages—and now so do all of your favorite desserts!

Introducing “Petite Treats,” an adorable cookbook featuring delicious, bite-sized, reduced-guilt sweets that are sure to charm family and friends at any gathering.

From the authors of “Mini Pies” and founders of the Seattle-based Mini Empire Bakery, “Petite Treats” shows you how to miniaturize everything from tiny fruit scones and mini pies to bite-size brownies and cutesy cannoli—sweet satisfaction guaranteed.

This book includes dozens of full-color photos and easy-to-follow recipes, as well as decorating and presentation tips. Let “Petite Treats” be the star of your next holiday, birthday or cocktail party.

And here are my thoughts –

  • a good mix of healthy and decadent treats, all in the miniature
  • the instructions were easy, and easy to follow!
  • some recipes are vegan (like the skookies)
  • they included a mini piecaken (a pie within a cake) so you know that the authors must be on top of their dessert game!
  • the pictures make me drool



They gave me the opportunity to share a book with my readers too.  Since you guys like me, I knew that y’all love things that are small and sweet!  <– that was so corny I think I made myself throw up.

For a chance to win a copy of the book – simply comment on this post by midnight on Monday (February 11th).

17 thoughts on “Petite Treats Book Giveaway

  1. Wow, that book sounds awesome. As a GBP patient, I really love your blog as it gives me ideas of things that are healthy for me to eat (generally LOL) that are very snack-sizey. Which, I guess, is why this book ALSO sounds nifty.

  2. I love baking and since I am a new mama I never have the time. I’d love to have this cookbook to use some of my precious downtime to do something I enjoy so much!

  3. I’m usually not a fan of sweets, but I got sucked into eating a mini Red Velvet cupcake yesterday just because of how adorable it looked! This book looks really cool.

  4. That book is adorable. Since we’re in a RV for the winter, I am a big fan of all things small. Although it is bigger than my daughter’s NYC apartment when she lived there, so there’s that.

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