Yesterday I, Today I, Tomorrow I

I’m almost done with my Study Hell Week!  Almost because I have one test to go on Monday that is going to eat my whole weekend.

I Enjoyed –

Mingling with local RDs at a meet & greet.

The free wine at a fancy hotel didn’t hurt.

I Discovered –

If you order a burrito “naked” at Moes, you end up with a slightly small, slightly cheaper rice bowl.

She even offered to add romaine lettuce to my base.

I Got Too Much –

Food! The following were all consumed en mass:

The only way I could stay awake was to keep eating, so I was popping bags of popcorn like they were Tic Tacs!

I Didn’t Get Enough –

Sleep.  At all.  Like, I’m going to die.  9 hours total over Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.  Yikes!  The more tired I got, the slower I moved and the longer things look and it just snowballed out of control.

Today I –

Got my free large (blue cup!) coffee from 7-11

and tried to pretend like I wasn’t still asleep.

Then I gave a major presentation and took a Microbiology exam, all within a 2 hour span!  My presentation was on a study that looked at the effect of fat supplementation in an enteral diet for the early stages of sepsis.  It went very well.  My Microbio exam was on god-knows what and didn’t go quite as well.

Now I’m off to eat something with nutrients!

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