Hot Hot Heat

Summer is here; I’ve been feeling hot hot hot!  Last night we moved back into our bed from the couch and it was uncomfortably warm.  We sleep in the living room in the winter because the bedroom has no heat but apparently it’s not so great in the hot months either.  Adam and I both said some form of “touch me and die” to each other as we settled in last night.  We’re going to try to stick it out and hope that it gets better when we do finally turn on the AC.

After a long night of ripping off the covers I woke up late and dehydrated this morning.  I had a 9am appointment to hurry to and I drank a guava Rockstar on my walk to school.

I had to get a physical and PPD test before I’m in the hospital for summer school.  I have a follow-up on Wednesday but I’m not exactly sweating the results.

I did get my sweat on though.  After the health center I made a nice long visit to the gym.  10 minutes on the elliptical at level 6 random.  40 minutes on the stationary bike at level 6 random.  And a quick session of strength and stretch moves.  Now that the gym has cleared out for summer I actually had a chance to get on some of the weight machines.

I walked home, walked the dog, and sat on the phone setting up various appointments.  By the time I showered and changed I was hun-grr-ee!  It was time for lunch.

I sautéed half a chopped poblano pepper in 1/2 Tbsp of butter and a bit of salt and tossed in ~1 cup of (thawed, frozen) corn and a pinch of brown sugar when the pepper started to char.  Then I scrambled in 2 large eggs and a few dashes of Green Tabasco.

They were delicious.  And if they look a little burnt it’s because I stepped away for a second to put on my shoes and had a spider jump on my foot.  I’m still shaking!

Alongside my eggs I drank the last of the Lifeway Low-fat Birthday Cake Kefir.

I’m still a little bit hungry and I might try to grab a snack while I’m out running errands.

See you for dinner!

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