Late Lunch

I was raring to go after my last post but e-mail sending and list writing kept me home a bit longer.

Since I had the time, I ate a 2% Pineapple Siggi’s for a late breakfast.

I may not have had time for any strength moves this morning but I certainly got in an arm workout carrying bags this afternoon.  Look at all the stuff we took to Goodwill –

I also hit up the Co-op (bulk bins), Target (ask me how thrilled I was to spend $7 on batteries for the smoke alarm), and Wegmans (groceries for the next week are purchased).

It was a long trip but now 80% of our weekend errands are finished.

I ate a pear when I got home.

But later I realized that I never actually ate lunch.  I was on a walk with the dog and husband so I made a pit stop at the co-op hot bar.

Excuse the bad pictures, I ate while I walked.  I got some mushroom “meatloaf,” curried kale and cauliflower, and a bit of cole slaw.

And for dessert a brown sugar walnut tart from Starbucks.


Adam took a girl friend out for dinner so I was by my lonesome.  I made a roasted veggie feast for my meal.

Sliced potato (6oz),

and green beans.

Yumtastic.  I’ve always liked vegetables but now that I roast them I lurve them!

I had a mini bag of kettle corn for dessert.

I also melted 2 Tbsp of caramel bites and ate them with a fork but the camera ate the photo.  I’m sure you can picture it though.

Have a great evening!

P.S. Adam just got home from his date and he came bearing half of his truffled mushroom panini.  I’m not going to eat it because it’s his favorite but I think he’s just the sweetest boy!

3 thoughts on “Late Lunch

  1. Pretty sure your landlord is responsible for maintaining your smoke/fire alarms. If there was a fire in your building they would be in big trouble if the alarms weren’t working.

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