Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Technically the miles were already traveled but sleep somehow feels very far and very urgent!  I had some great bites today but I’m going to keep my descriptions quick in favor of bed.

Breakfast – cereal mix with vanilla almond milk.

Coffee – Highlander Grog from Winans (<– my favorite coffee ever) with a shot of toasted marshmallow syrup and skim milk.

The cup was giant but my mom and I shared.

It was sad to say goodbye to my grandparents but the weather got quite cold and the safety of the car felt nice.  It was a gorgeous day though.

Lunch – A mini pretzel bagel with blue cheese pecan spread.

Plus an apple that escaped the camera.

Favorite thing ever – froyo!

I got a small cup of plain tart topped with mini marshmallows, lots of fruit, sprinkles and an insane amount of marshmallow cream.

It was a marshmallow day, I almost ordered a s’mores milkshake with dinner.

Several hours later when we pulled into Buffalo I also ate this cookie dough bite from Winans.

It is restaurant week here and we went to SoHo Burger Bar for dinner.

The lighting was bad but the deal was good.

I ended up with a turkey burger with jalapeño compote and a side of chips and a pickle.

I ate 100% of my pickle, 75% of my burger, 50% of my bun, 25% of my chips, and 5% of the compote.  Plus several truffle oil tater tots.

The included dessert was a sundae that I let the husband have to himself.

Even with the lame last course I still highly recommend stopping in a SBB during restaurant week.

Locals – where should we go for our next restaurant week stop?

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