Don’t Go See Haywire

The semester doesn’t even start until tomorrow and I’m already behind!  This is not a good sign.  But it was a good day.

I spent my morning baking.

Aka nibbling.

I had a few of these savory wonton crackers; no recipe to post because I’m still perfecting.

And one of these; recipe coming tomorrow morning because I’m mean.

And I also ate this.

Graham cracker crumbles + shredded coconut + a handful of milk chocolate chips + a marshmallow x stuck in a cup and baked.  Quite good, and a hint as to the recipe coming tomorrow.

We had to run an errand at the mall this afternoon and somehow the husband talked me into seeing “Haywire.”  And now he’s never picking the movie again.  This just might be the worst thing we’ve ever seen; I actually almost walked out.  The only high point was our movie snack.

We snuck in fries.  And with that good call, the husband completely redeemed himself, in spite of his taste in movies.

We had several other errands to run and by the time we got home dinner seemed out of my reach.  I stole several of Adam’s baked asparagus so I could feel like I had vegetabled.

Before sitting down with this bowl of candy while I got myself set up for school tomorrow.

Sugar rush be damned, I powered through setting up an entire new planner.  And with that, I’m ready to take on the world the spring semester!

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?  I remember a year in the late ’90’s when every new film seemed even worse than the last – Breakdown, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Good Burger, Air Bud, Dante’s Peak, Free Willy 3, Speed 2, Volcano, Contact …  And I will confess that I also freaking hated Titanic!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Go See Haywire

  1. You don’t like Air Bud? Ok, the sequels were regrettable, but the original is so sweet! I think the worst movie I’ve ever seen is…Fluke. It’s about a bad dad who is reincarnated as a puppy with the worst luck in the world. He gets cosmetics tested on him, and his owners keep dying, and he has to watch another guy swoop in and steal his family. Buh, no thanks.

    • I think that there’s a movie with a similar storyline to Fluke except that the dad turns into a snowman, gag me! And I will admit that I have a bias against Air Bug because I pretty much hate all movies with animals “acting.”

  2. Good Burger continues to be one of the more laughable cinematic experiences of my life. Then again, I didn’t actually see it in the theater, so it worked out. SO glad to hear about Haywire, because my boyfriend was actually discussing being interested in it. NO, SIR!

    We saw Public Enemies in theater and, though I didn’t like it too much, my mom actually got up and walked out. She said she’d rather listen to the radio in the car and walk around the theater than spend one more second in there.

    • I’ve walked out of two movies – my parents wouldn’t stay for “Wild, Wild, West,” and I saw some movie about a ghost ship that my friends wouldn’t stay for. I tend not to want to walk out because once I’ve paid I’d rather get something, so the fact that I considered leaving “Haywire” is pretty telling. It was just soooooo slow, and a little confusing, and the dialogue was very stilted.

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