Which Resulted In…

I crossed off all of my to-do’s (I still have to clean the stove but I know that it’ll get done before bed) and I even made a quick run out to Wegmans and Target; bam!  Very accomplished feeling although there were some unintended results…

My trip to the store pushed dinner back later, which resulted in a grumbly tummy, which resulted in an impulse buy, which resulted in me eating 2 servings of Lays Honey Mustard Chips before dinner.

I actually picked up this same bag the other day and then put it back but when I was at the store again with “free” money (we get $ for recycling our cans/bottles) I just couldn’t resist.  Sadly they were oddly spicy and not as good as I was imagining.

The chips did give me the ability to make dinner without a distracted stomach, and I ended up making an amazing meal.

That, my friends, is a heaping bowl of pasta.

This quick and easy dish was randomly chosen but everything ended up coming together perfectly.  For 4 servings, served on top of rigatoni, I combined –

Healthy, filling, and vegan to boot!

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