Spring Has Sprung

“Spring has sprung.”  That’s what Adam said during our tv interview (which our friend Brandon actually heard on the radio!) and that’s what I was saying with today’s outfit –

Actually, what I was saying with my short sleeves was “I hibernated this winter, please don’t judge my pale, flabby bat-wings.”

It was so exciting outside that I didn’t even mind adding an extra walk home so I could eat dinner before my night class.  Dinner wasn’t especially spring-y, a Smart Ones Angel Hair Marinara with yellow squash and zucchini.

I wasn’t expecting much – I sort of hate angel hair pasta – but it was actually pretty good!  I loved the squash.

Let’s be real though, I picked dinner based on the nutritional info –

I knew I needed the caloric wiggle room for dessert.

Those Magnum ice cream bars did not last long!  I scraped it off the stick and ate it with a spoon.


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