McRoad Trip

Our drive took extra long due to some fun, fun traffic but we made it safely to Ohio.  All the road trips we took the last year have definitely reinforced how in sync the husband and I are; no matter how many hours we spend in the car we always find something to talk about.  The great thing about being in similar fields – medical school and dietetics – is that we always have things to teach each other.  I know that Adam is smart but whenever he talks about medical issues I am always amazed with his passion.  End sap.

We needed some car trip caffeine so we decided to cash in some McDonald’s coupons I picked up at BlogHer.

McCafe Frappes, he went with mocha and I went with caramel.

We were expecting them to be too sweet but it ended up being a total love affair.  We both agreed that they tasted like Starbucks frappaccinos, but better!  The caramel and mocha flavors didn’t taste artificial and the coffee taste totally came through.  I asked for mine without whipped cream and it ended up having 480calories.

When we finally reached Ohio we did the family thing (and bedtime, eek!) before deciding that 9pm was getting to be a pretty late dinner.  Our in-laws food situation was a bit sparse so we headed to the grocery store to stock up on essentials.  I stopped by the freezer section for dinner.

I’ve tried the Kashi Mayan Harvest before (during vegan month) but I ended up being surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

Even frozen the plantains had a great sweetness and texture.  The sauce and the quinoa compliment them perfectly.

I also grabbed a single serving bag of Dirty Chips.

I love kettle style chips, the folded up ones are my favorite.

What is your favorite road trip conversation starter?  Adam and I alway seem to talk about sustanability and humane farming practices.

7 thoughts on “McRoad Trip

  1. because i am add when the hubster and i are on road trips (and seeing as i don’t fly…) we play games. my favorite is the alphabet game (finding each letter on a license plate before the other)

  2. Awesome! I would drink those types of drinks more often if they didn’t have all the calories :X But it’s sure fun to enjoy one once in a while. Starbucks has a caramel macchiato and when made correctly it only has 200 calories – so that’s my little treat once in a great while.

    Hope Ohio was great!

    Fortunately, in California road tripping isn’t a regular occurrence (traffic sucks the life out of me – it was much easier doing in Tallahassee or Iowa where I grew up), but a good conversation starter is music.

  3. Aww, so sweet that you guys have fun chilling together.

    I love road trips with my hubby because there’s literally never a quiet moment….unless it’s a really long trip and I fall asleep. We usually talk about anything that comes up but since we live in the midwest and inevitably drive through wind mill farms an things like that we start talking about similar things to you…..farming, efficiency and sustainability. haha

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