Like Ice Cream Topped with Honey

Good evening!  I hope everyone had a great day.  Mine had some hits and misses.  Like apparently I’m missing the gene that allows you to cook kale without burning the life out of it –

My lunch ended up being a tiny plate of roasted cauliflower, boo.

But I hit the nail on the head with my latest layered look –

My great aunt thrifted me this cashmere cardigan when I moved to NYC and I love it.  The buttons are circular except for the one over my heart.

I LOVE little details like that.  I am obsessed with Volcom because they always do nifty things with the stitching and inner patterns.

Classes went ago, I’m a couple of days behind on my Chemistry reading and I was pretty confused in class today.  I’ve got loads and loads of work to do this weekend.

You know that I inhaled a blondie the minute I walked through the door.  I’m making the husband take these to his friends at school tomorrow so they won’t be in the house any more!!

Dinner was pulled straight from the freezer.

I randomly bought this Kashi Mayan Harvest meal awhile ago so I was thrilled to notice recently that it was vegan.

Ok, I know that looks disgusting, but YUM.  I love plantains so freaking much; I can’t believe it’s less than 2weeks until I’ll be home eating them for real.

For dessert I put two blondies on a plate.

And I’ve told my sweet tooth that the kitchen is closed for the night.

P.S. The title relates to nothing except for the fact that I’ve been singing Lady Gaga ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’ all day.

10 thoughts on “Like Ice Cream Topped with Honey

  1. I heart that heart too! Ha
    I had plantains for the first time in the Keys…I really liked them! I need to buy that Kashi dinner pdq!
    And lucky you for our dismal winter weather soon. I don’t go back to Florida til April 13th

  2. Love the layered look—you make it look good! And the heart over your heart is adorable 🙂

    That kashi meal certainly looks…..interesting to say the least but if it has plantains it has to be good! The only place I have had plantains is at cuban restaurants back home in Florida so I miss that stuff!

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