Fun Things on a Friday

Fun thing # 1 was getting this package – is an online pharmacy/home supply store that lets you order vitamins, face soap, toilet paper and other household essentials.  The site is easy to use, and perfect for city dwellers who don’t like to schlep everything via reusable bags.  I won a $20 gift certificate and free shipping while at BlogHer.  I decided to go a little bit functional, a little bit fun.

Fun thing # 2 is that it’s our niece’s birthday this weekend so we are heading to Ohio for some family time.  I got my celebrate on by trying some new nail polish (also snagged at BlogHer).

What?  It is a party for a 5-year old girl!

The not-so-fun thing is that our kitchen is currently swarming with fruit flies.  My spider repellant actually works and now this?!?!  I couldn’t handle my ewwwww-reflex so I quickly packed and fled to The Spot for brunch.

Chicken quesadilla; yum, yum, yum!

I swear I have yet to have a single sub par meal from the Spot, they are always “yum, yum, yum” worthy!  The portions are pretty generous too, I ate half and packed the other half up for the husband mid-road trip.

Final fun fact?  I’ll cop to the fact that I’m currently wearing jeggings!

Not something I would have bought for myself but my aunt, with two teenage daughters natch, always gets me birthday gifts that let me pretend I’m cooler than I actually am.

I’m taking my laptop with me to Ohio so hopefully I’ll have time for a couple quick posts.  Have a great weekend!

Can you read during a road trip or do you get car sick?

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