No Sesame, Soba, or Savoy

The plan for dinner tonight comes from an old (like, September old) issue of Health magazine: Miso-Marinated Tofu and Eggplant Over Soba Noodles.  You can click here to see the original recipe.  However, make the original recipe we did not.  Apparently the husband and I are both stupid.  Like, seriously.  And cheap.  So to recap; click above for the original recipe and read below for our changes.

  • I used 14oz of extra firm tofu
  • I skipped the garlic
  • I used evoo instead of peanut oil
  • I skipped the sesame oil (I would not recommend this, I’m sure it imparted a great deal of flavor.  We are too poor for nut oils though)
  • I used 10 oz of bok choy instead of Napa cabbage (because that is what the husband bought when sent for cabbage ….. he’s going to be a doctor folks!)
  • I used buckwheat noodles instead of soba noodles

Here’s what we ended up with –

It was actually quite tasty, although I can see how the sesame oil would take it over the top.  I loved the stickiness of the buckwheat noodles!

For dessert I stuck a spoon into the last serving of Biscoff spread.

Just, yum!

Do you own sesame oil?  What sort of dishes do you use it in?

10 thoughts on “No Sesame, Soba, or Savoy

  1. Mmm, looks delicious! I have some sesame oil (a tiny jar) that has been in my pantry forever…I’m pretty sure it has gone bad, but I may have test it out and embark on this recipe.

  2. I use sesame oil in dipping sauces and sometimes salad dressings. I love to make potstickers and it works great! It’s not too expensive if you look in the “ethic” area at wegmans. A little goes a long way, I’ve had the small bottle for a long time and still not through with it!

  3. good call on the bok choy- i love it way more than cabbage and it really cooks up nicely.. and take on the flavors of the dish really well too 🙂

    i eat a fair bit of meals that contain sesame oil but only used it at home a couple times.. i dont mind it tho, certain dishes really taste better with it!

  4. Sesame oil does go a lonnng way- it seems like something you should have! I used to buy Eden brand- it’s a small bottle, but I don’t think it was expensive and it lasted a while- you can also just flavor things with it afterward, you don’t need to use it as the cooking oil. I used it all the time when I was vegan, though, so now I have weird associations with it and can’t eat it anymore.

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