Me Eat Food

We are 36ish hours away from finding out where we are going to live for the next 5ish years, so clearly I can’t think about anything else.  I’m not even going to try to make this coherent.  Food good.  Me eat food.

I skipped breakfast and packed too light of a lunch and my poor planning for the first half of the day left me starving for the 2nd half.  Whoops.  At least my protein-light mid-day meal was tasty.  Leftover turkey egg cup filling (sautéed mushrooms with green onion and shredded cheese),


which I topped with some sweet seaweed snack.


It was a good combination.  Plus 70% dark chocolate.


On a positive note – I aced my quiz.  101%!

I show you dinner first, since most of my food consumption was in snack form.


Cheese tortellini (about 1.5 servings) with green pepper, Kerrygold Skellig cheese (a sweet cheddar), and Tarragon vinaigrette.


Before dinner I had… A pear.


Jalopeño poppers and bread and butter pickles,


a handful of chips x2,


and a slice of turkey.


And after dinner I had more chips and cheese.


I was going to have a cookie too but then I got distracted looking at apartments …. in 5 different cities.

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