New Favorite Things For 12/12/12

Hello, hello, hello!  Did everyone take a moment to appreciate today’s day?  I had lots of things to appreciate today.  Here are three:

1. Being done with finals for the semester.


2. The gorgeous cashmere infinity scarf (squeee!) that my aunt and uncle sent me for Hanukkah.


3. I may have won some money in a contest… I’m not getting excited until I’m sure it’s for real though.

On to the day’s recap.  Why yes, I was up at 4:45 am drinking a 20 calorie grape Rockstar.  {it was delicious}


You see, I have this mental problem where the night before two important final exams I spend 4 hours getting my hair dyed, 1 hour on Pinterest, and 2 hours watching Jim Gaffigan on InstantWatch.  Genius.

My food consumption as a whole was low in nutrients but I definitely covered things on the calorie front.  Plus everything was ridiculously delicious.  Plus technically I’m still exam eating.

For breakfast, an overly juicy red pear.


and an Iced Gingerbread Clif Bar.


This flavor verges on being too spicy but then the sweet, juicy raisins pull it back from the brink.

I had exams from 7:40 to 11:00 and a shift at work from 12:00 to 8:30 and in between a friend took me to the grocery store because I don’t have a car.  <– it’s a long, sad story and I’m hoping my almost 2 week streak of car-less-ness will be over by this weekend

At work I had a 0% Fage with Honey.


And a Coco Cafe that I bought on a whim at the co-op.


Holy frick you guys, the coffee was so good.  It was the kind of good – creamy and sweet with a caffeine kick – that almost hurts because you are enjoying yourself so much.  By the time I finished drinking the Coco Cafe I’m sure my coworkers were more than ready for me to stop gushing about my new favorite thing.

<– hold on to your hats, I have another new favorite thing still to come in this very post.  Yes, you can have multiple favorite things.  That’s a thing.

After work I took the dog on a long walk and it become another night where I came home so hungry I thought I was going to have a fit.  Microwave “nachos” on the last 1.5 servings of Nacho Cheese Tortilla PopChips fit the bill.


Um, and then I had another plate but with Food Should Taste Good Chocolate Tortilla Chips.


I know that isn’t the healthiest dinner on the planet but, you guys, the cheese.  The cheese.  Both plates were made with Kerrygold’s Vintage Dubliner and it rocked my freaking face off.



The Vintage Dubliner was super nutty and it had these amazing pieces of crispiness spread throughout.  Plus it melted perfectly.  It is my new favorite cheese.  P.S. I found it at Wegmans if you want to have a new favorite cheese too.

I realize that this post was pretty packed with enthusiasm but I’m deliriously tired happy so I’m good with it.

What is your new favorite thing?

4 thoughts on “New Favorite Things For 12/12/12

  1. I have to unsubscribe to this blog now. This is the second time you used the chocolate tortilla chips that made me want to barf. You didn’t even say anything about how bizarre it is to mix the green salsa with the chocolate chips or melting cheese on them might be gross. You just thought it was normal so I don’t need to see what you eat next! Yuk.

  2. I think it’s great. Chocolate with anything!!!!
    Never commented on your blog but love it and look for new post everyday from you. Keep on doing what you do!!!

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