Ten Things For A Monday

1. Can we talk about the weather? Because seriously –

2. I definitely rocked day old smokey eye to the gym this morning.

3. Did you like how I casually mentioned that gym trip like it hasn’t been practically a month since I last worked out?  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical at level 6 random.  Plus a few minutes of strength and stretch moves.

4.  The new 2% Coconut Siggi’s Skyr yogurts are delicious.  I ate one for breakfast topped with raspberries, 1 tsp passionfruit jam, and a sprinkle of toasted coconut.

5.  Even with my lackluster photography skills, breakfast was a looker.

6.  I like to study standing at our mantel.  Everything is better with a friend.

7.  Adam laughed at me when I took home the extra pretzel stick from TGIF’s but I ate it for lunch today with roasted okra.  The mustard drizzle was like icing on a cake.

8.  One of our smoke alarms is running out of batteries and it beeps every 20 seconds.  I appreciate the warning but the damn noise is making me consider burning the house to the ground.

9.  Leftover Thai Iced Coffee Slush makes great iced coffee.  I poured 1+ cup of skim milk over a leftover serving of slush for a tasty treat.

10.  Adam made beef stew in the crock pot to take for lunch this week.  We gave a tiny bowl of meat to the dog last night and he’s alternated between standing guard at the fridge and staring deeply into my soul ever since.

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