A Bahn Mi Attempt

I forgot to charge my camera and had to plug it in this morning while I should have been photographing breakfast.  It was a good time to be camera-less; my foods were predictable (is anyone even remotely surprised that I ate a big bowl of two ingredient ice cream for breakfast?) and my activities were boring.  I will say though – I don’t know what my neighbor did, but the next time the cops block my entire street and make it take 30 minutes for me to repark my car, I just might go on a crime spree of my own.

So it’s no biggie not to blog breakfast and lunch, but missing dinner would have been a crying shame.

I mean that crying part literally, I went a little heavy on the Sriracha in my spicy mayo!

For dinner we had my best attempt at Tofu Bahn Mi.  French bread topped with spicy mayo, baked tofu, carrots, and cucumber.

For the tofu I cut a block of extra-firm into five slices and then pressed.  I marinaded the dry slices overnight in a mix of sugar, rice vinegar, and tamari.  Then today I baked the slices at 425* for 30 minutes.  While the tofu was baking, I cooked the carrots in the leftover marinade.  Then I stirred together Sriracha and mayo, thin sliced some cucumber, and assembled.

We also had roasted asparagus on the side.

If you’re wondering why my asparagus pile looks so small, it’s because the ‘gus is Adam’s favorite veggie and one of his favorite foods.  I.e. he freaked out and took half of what I served myself to put on his plate.  I’m just glad he’s so in love with something green.

Meanwhile, the dog’s in love with my coats.

And I’m in love with the two of them.  And with 2 ingredient ice cream.

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