Minus One Bite

My lunch didn’t quite cut it so this afternoon I ate a leftover slice of jalapeño pineapple pizza.

Minus one bite 😀

Dinner was my AnTEAoxidant Pasta.

I updated the page for that recipe today too.

Not my absolutely tastiest dish ever, but definitely one of my healthiest ones.

Dessert was supposed to be my horchata can.

But it didn’t suit my fancy and I ended up swapping with the husband for two cookies.

Much better.

Since I didn’t go to the gym today I did some strength training intervals throughout the afternoon/evening instead.  I told myself I had to complete 20 minutes total for it to count as a workout.

In two-minute blocks I did 2 sets of arms, 4 sets of abs, 5 sets of legs, and 3 x 1-minute planks for 25 minutes of strength training total.

Fun fact about the husband – when eating any food by hand, ie french fries or sandwiches, he always leaves behind the part his fingers were touching.

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