The Pizza Problem

About last night …  After all of my excitement,

the skillet cookie didn’t pan out (ba-dum ching!).

It was more of a cookie cake, which I hate. But the husband ate it. And now I’ve got this cool little skillet.

But I was left without dessert.  And after my first hour of complaining about wanting a cookie, I realized that what I actually was, was hungry.  For food.

So we set out.  As we left the house at 8, I said to the husband “we’re going to drive around for hours and not get food, and you’ll be mad and I’ll cry.”  That statement wasn’t entirely correct, but mostly.  Instead of tears, we came home at midnight with pizza.  And we watched “Bride Wars” and stuffed our faces and all was right with the world.

This morning it felt like breakfast should be nutritious.  We had errands to run so we were looking for an on-the-goal meal that was packed with vitamins.  Enter smoothies.

Into the blender went frozen blueberries, strawberries, a bit of orange juice, and a handful of ice.  I blended, but instead of a smoothie all I got was rock hard fruit chunks sitting in a pool.  So I continued to blend, adding in a bit of club soda to move things along.

But it seemed that no matter how much liquid I added, I just couldn’t get the substance in the blender to reach a liquid state.  And that’s how our smoothies came to contain two cups of club soda.

They were disgusting.  Shocking, right?

I made myself drink a bit more than half for the nutrients, and ate a piece of pizza when I got home.

And now I never want to see another piece of pizza ever again for at least week.

2 thoughts on “The Pizza Problem

    • Ha! That’s actually the first short cut from last month; I’ve been wearing a lot of headbands and ponytails so I haven’t really looked different on the blog. In the next week or so I’m going to suck it up and get it cut cut, like similar to your adorable new do!

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