Post Means After

I was poised for an early bedtime last night and just as I was about to get off the couch my phone dinged with a final e-mail regarding changes for the upcoming chili sale (<– a big, important class project).  So I spent another hour on my computer, scaling the recipes and creating a market list.  In total, the chili sale project involves creating, testing, choosing, and scaling recipes; advertising; budgeting; shopping; cooking; and selling chili.  Plus writing a summary paper afterwards!  Needless to say it has us all in a bit of a tizzy.

In spite of hitting the pillow after 11:30 I was able to keep my morning together with a little planning.  I slept fully dressed and when my alarm beeped at 5:20 5:40 6:00 all I had to do was slip on shoes and head out to my car.  I spent my workout on the elliptical with my notecards.  30 minutes, level 6 random.

I managed to shower and get ready quickly enough that I still had time to walk to school too, yay!  Plus, breakfast was already packed.  My jar of overnight oats was delicious; I always forget how much I enjoy chia seeds and their tapioca pudding texture.

We spent most of our 4 hour class discussing case studies, which were fascinating.  All of today’s related to pregnant women.  One subject was 15 (married!) and had dropped out of school and rarely left the house; another was living in poverty and pregnant with her fourth child, and the last was a socialite with disordered eating patterns who was still drinking heavily 6 months into pregnancy.  It was so interesting discussing counseling for all three women, but so frustrating too.  Some of the (imaginary) people you just wanted to smack, like the middle women who eats almost no fruits or veggies because her husband “just doesn’t like them,” or the final one who was thrilled with only gaining 2 pounds over the course of her pregnancy.  I’m considering working with WIC once I have my degree so this was more interesting to me than some of our food service discussions.

I stayed after class for a club meeting with lunch.

I grabbed a veggie wrap (lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheese),

plus a few banana peppers and chips which I ate within the sandwich.

When was the last time you ate a pb & j with chips crushed in the middle?

After I walked home and worked up an appetite folding laundry I ate the 2nd half of lunch, leftovers from last night’s dinner.  Actually, I was already reheating the bowl when I realized that the husband wouldn’t have dinner until late tonight and he can’t have take-out.  So I put that meal away for him.  I’m going to have popcorn instead, and perhaps a beer.

We’ve got some fun, last-minute plans for tonight; our friends could get us cheap tickets so we are going to Shay’s Theatre to see “The Lion King.”  I am so excited!  But I’ve also got to get studying for tomorrow’s test!  I’m not going to blog again this evening but I’ll see y’all tomorrow after my exam.

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