Meat Lovers for the Veggie Lover

So, I’m still sick.  Still puking, still hacking up lungs, still feeling yucky.  I’d love to tell you I stayed in bed all day, not infecting people, but the fact was I had appointments to keep and places to go.

First was a trip to my orthodontist.  To make a long story short – my retainers are chipping my teeth and I can’t use them anymore.  Now I’m switching to an (expensive) plastic Invisalign-type solution.  The silver lining here is that now I’ve got a month or so retainer-free 🙂  Also, thank goodness Adam was there, I needed to save my whispery voice.

I had a break between appointments, so we headed to Starbucks for a grande awake tea with honey.

I also ordered a breakfast wrap.

Then we drove to school for my 2nd big, important interview.  I can’t really say much about it, but things seemed to go well.

Adam needed to go to the mall afterwards and the opportunity to be upright in a climate-controlled enviroment was too sweet to pass up.  I picked up a Gatorade while we were in Dicks.

And when I got home I had a serving of popcorn.

Popcorners rather,

these chips were a lot of fun.

I managed to complete my labwork this afternoon, but not study for my test, boo!  We did manage some real food for dinner though.

Green bean fries,

and mini pizzas.

We knew I’d be worthless in the kitchen this week so when Adam made my turkey sausage the other day he cooked up the whole pan at once.  Tonight all I had to do was chop up a few servings and throw them on a crust with marinara sauce and 2% mozzarella.  The sausages were great on the pizza, perfect amount of spice and chew, and it was fun to try something “meat-lovers”-ish.

Plus I dipped in ranch, which is always fun.

Adam’s pizza had the addition of Applegate Farms Natural Pepperoni.

He described it as “glorious,” which apparently means it had good zest, good consistency (easy to bite and no chunks), and great flavor.  I didn’t taste any, but he said it cooked well on the pizza.

That’s all folks!

What’s your typical pizza love, veggie-lovers or meat-lovers?

4 thoughts on “Meat Lovers for the Veggie Lover

  1. Boo, sorry you are still sick! That’s just miserable. Also, I just got one of those new clear retainers last year and I like it a lot. I still forget to wear it most nights, but it is more comfortable than the old metal one. 🙂 Hope you like yours, too!

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