I Might Just Move to Iowa

Yeeeeesh today has seemed long!  I felt tired when I left my Anatomy lecture at 3, let alone when I walked into Chem Lab at 6pm.  Today I am thankful that –

  1. My group managed to finish up our melting point lab early and get out of there at 8pm.
  2. We cooked tonight’s dinner last night!

I am not thankful that it’s nearing the end of the month and my hunger monster attacked late this afternoon.  I packed myself a sliced plum as a snack.

Nah-uh.  You guys, I can’t even begin to describe how hungry I was; it felt like my stomach was going to implode.  I grabbed a Sabra To-Go pack,

and that barely made a dent.  I had a few hours between classes in which I was supposed to do my anatomy reading, but instead I clutched my stomach. 

Finally I found a cinnamon raisin bagel at the coffee shop (I ate half, toasted, plain) and that seemed to quiet the beast.

Fast forward four hours and it was time for dinner.

Iowa Girl Eat’s Chicken Chili.  Kristen is a genius!  Her recipe has minimal meat with black beans and baked beans(!), the combo is to die for!  I topped mine with shredded sharp cheddar.

I had a BlogHer coupon for Pilsbury Simply French Bread – no trans fat, preservatives, etc – so Adam cooked that up for us.  —A quick aside: we bought an over thermometer because we have been burning everything and now know that our oven is a good 200* off.  Joy.  That’s another thing to deal with tomorrow.—

All together.

I am so ready for bed!

What are you thankful for today?

***Updated to add – the beast returned!  I ate another slice of bread, a mini fudge brownie ice cream, two squares of chocolate, and I’m only stopping because I have to go to sleep.  Damn you hunger!

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