Jalapeno Popper Burgers; Booyah!

Remember when Adam and I went on an epic, fruitless quest for jalapeno poppers?  Yeah, f*** that.  I may not be able to get poppers as long as I live in Buffalo, but I can make something even better at home – Jalapeno Popper Turkey Burgers.  Click on the dish name for the epic recipe.

Turkey, cream cheese, panko, and jalapenos are pretty fantasmic all on their own, but adding sharp cheddar to the mixture took it over the top.

The husband and I were swooning the entire dinner.  And the recipe (with cheese!) has less than 500calories.  We rounded out the meal with some roasted asparagus.


Do you prefer jalapeno poppers with cheddar or cream cheese?  Cream cheese all the way baby!  You actually can find the cheddar variety in Buffalo but I turned up my nose.

6 thoughts on “Jalapeno Popper Burgers; Booyah!

  1. I’m’ actually way too much of a wuss to eat anything jalapeno, but I LOVE it when a recipe you make works out so perfectly! And for 500 calories…you rock!

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