A Cautionary Tale

So this afternoon, after I spent the entire day rocking my running skirt, I got sucked into blogs and didn’t realize until 5:40 that my campus gym closed at 6pm.  Fail.  I can’t take a day off from exercise, because one turns into twenty, so when I found a post-card in the mail informing me that our old gym membership expires on the 28th it felt very serendipitous.  We loaded into the car and set off toward a healthy evening.

I was hungry by then, so during the ride I ate a Banana Soy Joy bar, pulled from my BlogHer stash.

Meh, at the time I didn’t love or hate it.

We didn’t have much time at the gym so I tried to bust my butt the entire visit.  “California Girls” by Katy Perry is surprisingly motivating, as is this song30minutes on the elliptical, random, level 6.  I did a mix of backward and forward pedalling, as well as some sprint intervals.  I ended my visit with 10minutes of strength and stretch moves.

As I stretched my legs I felt an unpleasant tightness in the back of my neck.  During my sit ups I started to feel nauseous.  While we were leaving the gym I could taste that stupid Soy Joy bar through all the water I was chugging.  And five minutes later we were pulling over so I could throw up.  Mega fail.

We haven’t quite narrowed it down, but basically I have an intolerance for some food preservative(s).  I also have a major allergy to some specific preservative that is found in Hawaiian Punch products, but that’s another story.  I’ve eaten other Soy Joy bars before without incident, but the Banana flavor is definitely off-limits for me from now on.

By the time I had pulled myself together and Adam had stopped at Walgreens to purchase himself a snack (thanks for the concern, husband!) I realized that I would not be able to stomach the dinner we had planned.  No, the only thing that would do was jalapeno poppers, with cream cheese, NOT cheddar.  I know some people would feel sick just at the thought of eating poppers, but they were literally the only thing that appealed to me.

I’ll make a very long and sad story short – three stores (and some time on Yelp) later we claimed defeat.  Adam told me I had to eat something for dinner, and also to stop whimpering or I was going to be walking home, so I went the Buffalo sauce route, a close 2nd to jalapeno.  I was starving at that point, and a bit unreasonable as well, so dinner was a huge buffalo chicken finger sandwich and a huge thing of french fries.  Ultra mega fail.

Clearly I hated it.

5 thoughts on “A Cautionary Tale

  1. Ugh! That is awful…I’m so sorry! At least you know, now…right? It took me well over a year to figure out my gluten/dairy intolerance, but now I’m good as gold. Hope you get some poppers soon!

  2. I just had a Soy Joy bar for the first time yesterday (I had a buy one get one coupon). It was the berry flavor. Can I say Fail?? It was tiny, and tasted like last year’s fruitcake. I still have one left if you want it 😉

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