Grump Grump Galumph

I feel like all I managed to do today is eat a bunch of junk.  I certainly didn’t manage to find my good cheer.  Or a clever, interesting blog post.  This is definitely one of those days that I would usually just not document but I’m making a bigger effort (25th birthday goal) to post everything.

Jordan almonds, x2.

Fruit slices.

Lunch was inspired by two things; my desire to use these adorable squash I picked up at the Farmer’s Market,

and my need to recreate my favorite Subway sandwich.  Those two goals came together nicely.

I roasted the squash,

and combined half a can of tuna with miracle whip and pickle relish, on a soft bun, topped with tons of red onion.

I had a bit of tuna salad that I ate straight from the bowl and it also got a big dose of red onion.

Altogether it was a tasty, filling lunch.


This popcorn gets irritatingly burnt.  I turned it off even before the popping stopped and it still was smoking.

This Lindt Ice Coffee candy bar was also disappointing, it had a strange sour taste that made me want to rinse out my mouth.

I misread my crockpot dinner directions and ended up with a major time fail.  Dinner came from a local spot down the street.  A buffalo chicken sandwich,

and some of these –


What is something that makes you giggle even when you are in a bad mood?

3 thoughts on “Grump Grump Galumph

  1. Two YouTube videos that make me laugh. Forever. (I can’t link because I’m at work.)

    1. The Double Rainbow guy. Amazing. The Double Rainbow remix song is also incredible.

    2. The “Legend of Old Gregg” sketch from this British comedy show The Mighty Boosh. So frickin’ random and funny. Every time.

    I hope you find something that makes you giggle! Don’t worry, none of us are perfect. I bought one of those big bags of Pretzel M&M’s, and I’m pretty sure the “7” listed as number of servings should actually read “1,” considering I ate almost the entire bag in one sitting. 😉

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