A New Favorite

Sorry for the late post, but I did have tons of fun!  I also apologize for the daily long postage (as opposed to three a day), it looks like that’s going to be the norm around here for a while.  The next three weeks are chockfull of exams; not like I did much studying today but you know!

I ate breakfast around 10:30 – just what happens when you wake up after 9! – so leftover green tuna enchilladas just felt right.

Amazingly, these were even more tasty after a day in the fridge!

I picked up the husband around 1 and we sat in the campus cafe to study a bit before class.  I’m not sure what has been up with my intensely specific cravings lately but today’s was for frozen coffee.  I just went with it…

A couple of thoughts – 1) I could make a frozen coffee at home for less calories and $ so this was a little silly; 2) this ended up being outrageously good and I’m so glad I got it!  I ordered the ‘Jamaican Me Cooler’ because it made me giggle and it ended up having coconut in it 🙂

Before my next class, a couple of hours later, I got sucked in by another beverage.

I adore Naked juice, coconut is pretty much my favorite thing, and the new nutritional stats looked good.

This was good but not as impressive as I was hoping for; I’d probably just drink a coconut water next time and save the calories.  It’s always good to get in some servings of fruit though!

I ended up having a pop quiz in Chemistry (?!?!) and even though we had leftovers about and a dinner plan it didn’t take too much for Adam to talk me into a dinner out.

We wandered over to Cozumel Grill and Tequilla Bar, a place we’ve been eyeing on all our recent walks,

and it’s our new favorite place on Earth!  Seriously, we might have just developed an obsession.  There were at least 10 things each that Adam and I were dying to try on the menu!  And they brought out complementary housemade tortilla chips and salsa.

I freaking dived into that basket, these chips were even better than the ones from Burrito Bar in Brooklyn.

For dinner I went with the Maryland Blue Crab Quesadilla.

So good!  Everything was super fresh and this felt so high-brow for a quesadilla.  I shared 1/4 with the husband who was pretty much in love as well.  We have plans to go back asap!

I hope everyone else had a great day.  Pleasant dreams and happy Fridaying.

How do you discover new restaurants?  I definitely look at Yelp for specific cravings but in general we find things by wandering around new neighborhoods.

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