Easter Weekend

I have an odd smattering of things to share this post.  Mostly because the weekend was a little all over the place – Saturday we had friends visiting from DC and Sunday I had to work.  The weekend coverage shifts here are actually kind of fun because I am responsible all of the nutrition support consults and I get to see surgical/trauma patients that are usually covered by a different team.  This weekend I had a ton of complicated TPNs to keep me on my toes!

Three fun things…

{1} On theme beverages.  I actually hated both of these a lot, but they were fun to try!



{2} Beer flights at local breweries.  Pro Re Nata is always our favorite and their hazy IPA was my favorite taste of the day!



{3} Dinner at Sultan Kebab.  We went with my cousin and we all were raving by the end.  I had my first knafeh experience (layers of shredded phyllo baked with fresh mozarella cheese drizzled with lemony sugar syrup) and it was life changing.  Plus, how amazing is their presentation of Turkish coffee with Turkish delight??


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