Insta-Wrap-Up, IX

Instagram dump, fall edition!

I was sad to have to put this lacy white dress away with my summer gear.

glitter and lace

But the closet swap meant that this scarf is part of my life again.  It was a Hanukkah gift from my cousins last year and it is so me.

heart scarf

The fall smells at Bath and Bodyworks are killer.  We usual burn two at once to “blend” the scents.  Fun fact – Adam doesn’t actually have a sense of smell, but he still thinks these guys are fun.

pumpkin at bath and body works

Our clinic is moving over to an electronic medical record soon {yay!} and I’m particular and obsessive so I’ve mapped out the entire nutrition section myself.  Then I wrote it all out by hand… with color coding… and a key.

handwritten emr

Pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds.  My salted caramel apple slice was delish.  Also their espresso is our very favorite.

pie from four and twenty blackbirds in brooklyn

When I was a kid, my best friend and I used this book to memorize all of the US presidents in order.  We also had one for the US state capitals.  She recently texted me that she bought a copy and I died for jealousy and then immediately ordered one of my own.

yo, millard filmore!

The boys are ridiculous when they cuddle.  The dog isn’t happy unless one of us is spooning him in his sleep.


He’s flying!

webster dachshund

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