Homer Simpson Approved

Yesterday, Adam and I went on a day-date that would have knocked Homer Simpson’s socks off…

DSC04547A day of doughnuts and beer!

We started with a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery.

DSC04535DSC04543DSC04542DSC04538DSC04546On weekends, the brewery leads free tours all throughout the day.  Adam loves beer, and I am weirdly obsessed with factory tours, so we knew it would be the perfect activity for us.

DSC04537The tour took a little less than an hour and was awesome.  We didn’t get to see a whole lot, but we did get to taste some hops.

DSC04552DSC04554Malty!  Our tour guide was wonderful.  The brewery is undergoing renovations currently, which is why we were not able to move around as much, but just standing and learning about BB’s history was a ton of fun.  We heard a variety of anecdotes that were hilarious and even a little touching!

I was delighted to see several families on the tour, but, of course, for those over 21 drinking was encouraged.

DSC04545DSC04558Adam and I shared an Oktoberfest during the tour.

DSC04549DSC04551I liked my first few sips but felt like the hops built up and created an unpleasant aftertaste later on (the husband gave it two thumbs up the whole way through).

Afterwards we split a Cuvée La Boîte.

DSC04555“A Belgian-inspired beer in the “Grand Cru” style, subtly infused with Lior’s unique blend of Mishmish N.33 (lemon, saffron, crystalized honey), fresh kaffir lime leaves, and rare Espe- lette peppers from the French Pyrénées.”  When we asked the bartender about it she described it as “very sweet, very high-alcohol” – that sounds like me!

DSC04557We both loved it.

With the taste of beer on our lips, we set out on foot for 1.7 miles through Williamsburg.

DSC04568DSC04562DSC04565DSC04570I will always be loyal to Park Slope, but Williamsburg is quickly becoming my 2nd favorite part of Brooklyn.

Our final destination was Dunwell Doughnuts, an all vegan doughnut and soda shop.

DSC04579DSC04572The space was adorable, but we were quite disappointed with the day’s selection.

DSC04573You make more than 200 varieties of doughnuts – including S’mores, Rose with Dark Lavender, and Pink Lemonade – and half of your offerings are chocolate, chocolate with sprinkles, and chocolate with peanuts?!!  So disappointing.

We shared a PB&J.

DSC04576We argued a bit about the flavor, but Adam ended up loving it.  I was impressed by the fancy jam filling (seeds and all!) but overall a bit underwhelmed.

At least we found other fun treats on our walk back to the car {shown tomorrow in my weekend wrap-up post}.  And we hit up a pet-store near our house so Webster could get into the fun.

DSC04592A doughnut for my hot dog.

Did/do you watch “The Simpsons?”

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