Window Shopping Wednesday

I am not much of a shopper, much to my mother’s chagrin. The woman can spend days at the mall, while I start to feel itchy after just a few hours. It’s not that I’m not materialistic, I totally am, it’s just that the thought of adding more stuff to my life makes it hard to breathe. But I like the idea of things. So I’m an avid window shopper. I browse catalogs I’ll never buy from and hold my breathe when I pass the window at J.Crew. So while I’m stuck at school on Wednesdays, I thought we could have some fun via blog. Let’s window shop!

Here’s what I’m wishing I was cool enough for this week –

1.  Black Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color from Stilla.

I adore the smoky eye look but I kind of suck at recreating it.  I’m terrible with eye liner, and passable with black shadow and a q-tip, and I think a crayon might be the answer.  I love Stilla products in general too; that is always the section I stand and moon at in Sephora.  The crayon would also be fun in smoke or kitten.

2.  Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Baby Bare.

Another crayon!  This one’s for lips.  I don’t really do lipstick – usually I’m wearing Lip Smackers – but a lip crayon I can manage.  Baby Bare is described as a peachy nude.  I’d rock this with my new smoky eye.

3.  OPI Nail Lacquer in Dulce de Leche.

I’ll cop to wanting this polish just the eensiest bit more because of the name.  Sweet tooth aside, I really do like the peachy look of this nude color.  It seems very job interview appropriate.

4.   Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Sequin Sweatshirt from DKNY Jeans.

Not at all job interview appropriate, this one’s for the weekends.  It feels a little Flash Dance-y but I think with dark jeans and black flats this sweatshirt would work.  I like the waterfall look of the sequins and the silver/grey combo.

5.  Bubbles Mint Necklace from Elli.

This one’s actually more of a nudge.  You see, I rarely buy earrings and necklaces because my mom’s a great jewelry maker.  I’ll just mention, cough cough, that I think the mint color and bubbly look, cough cough, are very cool.

How do you tend to do your eyes?

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