Wonderful Weekend

Long time no see!  I needed a few days of N-O-T-H-I-N-G, nothing, after my last exam but I did have a wonderful weekend.  I went out drinking with friends and on a few dates with Adam, I read two books and a whole stack of magazines, I watched three full seasons of “The Game,” and I consumed tons of rich food and good booze.


It was a such a wonderful weekend that I’m sad not to blog it, but so many days got away from me that now the recap’s too long to manage.  Plus, I’m trying to look forward and not backward; two weeks sounds like a lot but I know that I tend to be unproductive when I have time off before a big committment.

My next few days need to include –

  • organizing my stuff from the semester (binders, notecards, portfolios, computer files, clinic hours)
  • reorganizing my stuff for next semester (binders, buying books, setting up physicals and malpractice insurance, professional memberships)
  • cleaning up my act (the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry, taking off the brown polish I’ve been rocking for three straight weeks, the tailor)

Sadly, blogging won’t appear on that list until tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure my camera is in Adam’s car.

I’ll see you then!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend

    • 1. Hey! 2. Yay! 3. Yes, it was fantabulous and I will talk about it more later; they have it on and off at Wegmans. 4. Yes! What do you want to do? 5. Fun. I got an e-mail about it but I seriously can’t even run 3 miles right now.

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